How to cast your PS4 from Android & iOS

Smartphones have become more essential in our life. It is too difficult to pass a day without a smartphone or internet. So in this article, we are sharing some amazing ways to cast the contents of your smartphone to your PS4. Enjoying videos and music on a big screen is always a better choice. You can use the following methods to cast your PS4 from your Android & iOS devices.

How to Cast PS4 from Android device

PS4 is not only an eighth-generation gaming console. It can play music, videos, games and also content from Local or remote networks. So casting won’t be a big deal, you can cast PS4 from the android device by setting Up a P2P server or using a local network.

Follow the below steps to cast your PS4 from the Android device.

  • Download and install BubbleUPnP for Chromecast / Smart TV/ DLNA.
  • This will set up your android as a server and then you can access it from the PlayStation interface.
  • Now go to your PS4 > Navigate to Music, Photo or Video.
  • Click on the Bubble UPnP Media Server.
  • Now you can access the required contents on your Android Device.

Note: It supports only Music, Picture and Video, you need to navigate to the respective section to stream the content.

How to cast PS4 from iOS

Are you an iOS user, you can also do the same by using UPNP/DLAN Streamer for TV. It turns your iOS device into a server. Connect both your device and PS4 to the same network. As a client, you can access all the media files, Pictures, Videos, Music. It is a trusted app by the Plex server. You can access the contents remotely if you have a Plex account.

  • Install UPNP/DLNA Streamer for TV on your iPhone.
  • Go to your PS4> Navigate to Music, Photo or VIdeo.
  • Click on the UPnP/DLNA Media Server.
  • Now you can access the music, picture, and Video. To stream the content, you need to navigate to the respective section.

Final Words:

Make sure to connect both the device are connected to the same devices. If you are facing any issue do let us know in the comment section, to solve your issue.


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