How to find the best Fighting-type Pokemon of All-Time

Fighting is one of the best Pokemon types among the other 18 types. Fighting-type Pokemon are good on their melee attacks. Most of the fighting type Pokemon looks like a real fighter.

They also have a body shaped like humans. Every fighting type Pokémon’s are known for their brave heart. With the help of the fighting type pokemon strength and weakness, you can defeat your opponents in gym battle and raid.

Here are the best Fighting Pokemon listed in a no particular order:

  1. Machamp
  2. Blaziken
  3. Infernape
  4. Hitmonlee
  5. Hitmonchan


There are a number of reasons a Machamp stands out. Because, it was the final Pokemon of the one fighting one from Generation One that had not one, not two, totally 3 evolution on its own. Machamp is more capable of living up to the hype set by its look, seeing as how lore-wise, each one can throw hundreds of punches in a second.


Infernape was the final form of the Fires starter from Generation IV. It came in the trend started up by Blaziken, where it was a real species and was based on the character from the Chinese novel. And it is a combination of Fire & Fighting-type Pokemon which evolves from Monferno.


Blaziken is the Pokemon that started the trend of Fire-type masters turning into Fire & Fighting Pokemon. It is clear that Blaziken is based on the chicken breeds, which was once used for cockfights. In recent times, Blaziken has seen a further power-up in the form of Mega Blaziken.


Hitmonle is fighting type pokemon from Generation 1. It has cream-colored, segmented arms and legs. It has three fingers in the hand and each foot has three clawed toes. The soles of its feet and its ankles are circular yellow pads. It is rare in wild and it’s primarily found in urban areas. It had a number of kicking moves as a signature in the past.


Hitmonle was entered in generation 1. It appears by wearing a light purple tunic and a kilt. It can throw punches too quick to be seen with the naked eye. Despite the need for frequent breaks, it has an unwavering spirit and it never gives up in any situation.

Final Words

In this article, we have listed the 5 best fighting type pokemon of all time that every gym should have. If we have missed any of your favorite fighting type Pokemon, let us know in the comment section.

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